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Research the ethics of the AI boom.

Apply for a chance at $1000 to complete a research project of your liking at the intersection of ethics and computing with guidance from a professor of philosophy and ethics.

The Ethics in Computing Network (ECN) is searching for the brightest young talent.

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How it works

The Ethics in Computing Network seeks to find passionate young scholars interested in ethics and computer science, and funds a research project at the intersection of these two fields. Please note: applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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    You complete your application with rigorous information on a project surrounding AI and computing. Elibility is denoted on the form.

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    Based on your project, you are matched with a mentor who is familiar with your research interest and can guide you. Funding is distributed.

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    With guidance from your mentor, you will complete your research project, culminating in a final paper detailing your research.

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    All ECN scholars will present their research to a panel of AI and computing ethicists.

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Our mentors and investors

Joining our limited mentorship program gives you access to some of the smartest ethics professors and AI entrepreneurs across the globe. If you'd like to mentor or invest in ECN, please fill out this form.

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Dr. Andrew Richmond

Mentor: Postdoctoral Associate at EMRG Lab at the University of Western Ontario (PhD in Philosophy, Columbia University)

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Mentor: Professor of Philosophy (Preferably specialization in ethics of AI/Computing)

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Investor: Software Engineer

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Investor: AI Engineer


Join a community of curious young scholars committed to making the world a better place through ethical AI.